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Are you searching for an ‘electrician near me’ that you can hire to help you sort your electrical needs? Do you need help fixing, repairing or installing electrical systems on your premises? We can help. At Professional Electrician Frank, we offer residential and commercial electrical services in Gervais, OR and the surrounding areas of Woodburn, Salem, and Silverton, Oregon.

We are registered and certified to offer these services in this area. We are also insured to ensure that we offer quality services without risking your premises. This means that we offer services that are above board and follow strict set standards in this industry.

Our services are tailored for both small and mega projects. We work with individual homeowners, as well as commercial property owners who need electrical services for large projects. To make this happen, we have invested heavily in modern electrical tools and equipment, training and staff recruitment, and hiring only the best talent around. This allows us to handle any type of project regardless of its complexity.

Our offices are strategically located right within Gervais to ensure that you can easily reach us. This location also allows us to come over to your premises easily and speedily whenever you need us. Beside this, we offer you a number of other ways to get in touch with us to make it convenient for you to reach us.

Our electrician services are also very competitively packaged to ensure that you can afford to hire us for your electrical needs regardless of your budget. We have custom pricing for each individual project to ensure that you only pay for what you need.

So, stop your search for an ‘electrician near me’ and drop by our offices. We will go through your project together, tell you what you need and help to implement for you a perfect solution that you will be proud of. Call us today.

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