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Do you need help getting power flowing on your commercial property? Are you in search of a reliable yet professional commercial electrician within Salem, OR? Are you in search of an electrical installations company that can handle a big wiring and electrification project for your commercial properties? If you found yourself nodding to any of these questions, then you just found your solution at Professional Electrician Frank.

We are a renowned electrical technicians company within Salem, having served the residents of this area and the surrounding areas of Dallas, Portland, and Silverton Oregon for many years. We offer construction, maintenance, home and general electrician services for both residential and commercial properties.

Our services are recognized by the relevant authorities within this area and we are certified to offer these services. Our team is made up of professionally trained electricians who have vast experience working in this industry. This team is able to handle very complex projects as well as simple projects. The team is also armed with ultra-modern equipment to help us deliver quality services to you.

Our offices are located strategically right within Salem to ensure that you can find us easily and get to engage us with regard to your project. This location also helps us to quickly get to you in response to your distress call when you have electrical faults in your home or business premise.  

The bottom line is that if you want to engage a professional commercial electrician who has great experience, and a reputation to match; installing, maintaining or repairing electrical related projects, then talk to us today. We are the best, most affordable and easily accessible electricians in the region, offering the best quality, durable services, as well as electrical emergency mitigation services to residents of this area. Talk to us about your project today by visiting our offices.

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